Ethanol Market


In the US, prices dropped following a better than expected corn progress/planting report.  Throughout the last few months US prices have been very much in line with corn costs leaving very small margins for producers.

In the EU, prices have fallen from their peak in July on lower wheat prices and a slight boost to supply from imports.

Ethanol prices in Brazil rose in early August despite widespread availability and the ethanol/gasoline ratio at the pump reached close to 65%.  They have since dropped back slightly but as the end of crop draws near a tightening in the market can be expected.

The announcement by the Indian Government that it is increasing the price of ethanol from cane juice and B molasses used in the blending mandate could result in some diversion of cane towards ethanol.


Molasses prices (both beet and cane) continued to rise in August.  The smaller (weather related) beet crop in the EU has boosted beet molasses prices and in turn this has supported cane molasses prices.

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