Booker Tate was formed in 1988 from a merger of Booker PLC and Tate & Lyle’s sugar management and consultancy divisions, Booker Agriculture International and Tate & Lyle Agribusiness.  Both companies’ expertise in large-scale commercial crops was built from over 100 years’ experience of sugarcane production.  During the 1960’s the two divisions very successfully branched out into the development of new sugarcane estates and sugar mills for clients (mainly parastatal businesses) in Africa and Asia, together with the provision of management and consultancy services to sugar enterprises.  Recruitment and training of local staff to enable them to replace expatriates has always been a fundamental part of these operations.

While we have traditionally concentrated on sugarcane-based operations in the tropics and sub-tropics, Booker Tate has extended its scope of work from time to time to service the sugar beet industry.

More recently, the emergence of sugar as the premium feedstock for bioethanol and biomass production has widened the focus of Booker Tate’s services.

In terms of sugar manufacturing, our expertise not only includes the processing of sugarcane and sugar beet, but also extends to sugar refining and the production of bioenergy, cogeneration and ethanol.

To find out more about our activities in sugarcane agriculture, sugar beet, sugar manufacturing, cane sugar refining, bioenergy, cogeneration and ethanol, please click on the topics listed at the side of this article.

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