Challenges and opportunities

Increasing agricultural production and productivity in a sustainable manner is central to ensuring global food security and the conservation of the environment. In emerging economies, carefully managed commercial agriculture provides opportunities for wealth creation and employment generation.

Our proven track record

Booker Tate has extensive experience in conceptualising, planning, implementing and managing agro-industrial enterprises and projects in diverse and challenging environments. Over the past 75 years we have carried out over 1800 assignments in the agricultural sectors of more than 120 countries.

Although specialised in providing a wide range of technical and managerial expertise to the sugar industry, Booker Tate’s recent experience also includes rotation crops (sunflower, soya, wheat, barley, groundnuts, fodder), green manure crops (sunnhemp, velvet bean, cow pea, dolichos), perennial crops (coffee and oil palm) and livestock (poultry).

Adding value through partnerships

Booker Tate can provide a comprehensive range of services from project identification, through feasibility studies and project development, to operational management and on-going specialist support. Projects can be new developments or the rehabilitation and expansion of existing enterprises. The integration of independent farmers into commercial agribusiness is a particular strength that we can draw upon.

Working in partnership with all stakeholders, Booker Tate can offer rigorous and proven systems and is uniquely placed to add value at all stages in the business cycle.

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