PT Jawamanis Sugar Refinery


In 2000, a group of local and international investors established PT Jawamanis Rafinasi (JMR).

In 2002, JMR completed the installation of a refinery on an 11 hectare site near to Cilegon, West Java.

Shortly before commissioning, Booker Tate was engaged to assess the condition of the plant, review the installation and provide recommendations for completion.  The refinery was duly commissioned in 2002.

The refining processes employed by JMR include affination, carbonatation, filtration, resin decolourisation, evaporation, crystallisation, centrifuging, drying and recovery.  Refining operations are supported by two boilers, two
turbo-alternators and other utility plant.

The refinery’s product quality has been good and a strong market found for the two grades of sugar produced.

Refinery expansion

Since starting operations, demand for refined sugar in Indonesia has been high.  The quality and reliability of JMR’s operation has ensured the profitability of the company in this market and with demand remaining  strong, an expansion project was considered.

In connection with the expansion, Booker Tate was engaged by JMR to review the current state of the factory, assess the current bottlenecks and determine the requirements for expansion to twice the design throughput.  Following an investigation, refinery designs for the expansion were submitted and in March 2005 JMR and Booker Tate entered into a two year Project Management Agreement to expand the refinery.

Booker Tate managed the Expansion Project with a resident team of           Booker Tate engineering staff.  Commissioning of the new plant was completed in 2007 with some critical plant brought on line earlier.  Visiting technical support for ongoing operations was also provided as part of the services included in the agreement.

The successful commissioning of the expansion plant was actioned in the first quarter of 2007 and throughput reached the target shortly afterwards.


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In Brief

  • 2000 PT Jawamanis Rafinasi established
  • 2001 Purchase of refinery, transport of equipment to Indonesia and beginning of construction
  • 2002 Review of construction by Booker Tate and subsequent commissioning. First sugar produced
  • 2003 Optimising of refining process, establishment of production reliability and product quality
  • 2004 Development of customer base. Decision to expand refinery
  • 2005 Booker Tate selected as project managers for refinery expansion
  • 2006 Start of expansion plant commissioning
  • 2007 Commissioning complete
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