Sustainable Sugar Manufacture

Our approach to sustainable sugar manufacture is to achieve an economic, high yield factory in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner. This is accomplished through measurement of relevant factory, environmental and social parameters, and the use of modern design, applicable technology and exceeding standards.

Booker Tate ensures that the specification, configuration and design of sugar factories are tailored to meet the client’s requirements and maximise use of the harvested sugarcane to produce the most economic mix of products in a sustainable manner – raw sugar, mill white sugar, VHP sugar, refined sugar, molasses, alcohol, cattle feed and cogeneration. We also provide project management and site-based client teams to monitor the installation to ensure that it meets the agreed specifications and standards.

We can assist clients to achieve sustainable sugar manufacture through:

  • Monitoring process efficiency by measuring the impacts of production and processing so that process improvements are made over time.
  • Assessing the impact of the sugar factory on biodiversity and ecosystems by measuring and reducing effluents entering the environment; and ensuring that the effluents are suitably treated to achieve recognised standards.
  • Ensuring that workers are appropriately trained to complete their roles, by monitoring skill levels in each department and ensuring that all departmental training needs are identified and rectified as required.
  • Continuously improving the status of water resources by monitoring water use in the factory and ensuring the minimal extraction of water from external sources.
  • Promoting energy efficiency by providing engineering and management solutions to enhance factory efficiencies.
  • Reducing air emissions contamination by providing engineering solutions to reduce contamination to below the environmental standards for the country.
  • Ensuring active engagement and transparent, consultative and participatory processes with all relevant stakeholders through negotiated agreement between parties based on consent.
  • Reviewing the environmental impact assessment and ensuring that the designs of greenfield factories and factory extensions do not harm the environment.
  • Focusing on economic sustainability by continuously bettering previous year’s financial results. Benchmarking results against other sugar factories and providing advice to improve competitiveness.
  • Promoting and maintaining a safe working environment for all employees through the implementation of recognised safety management programmes and training.

We can help improve your sustainability credentials by supporting new initiatives or existing practices. We are happy to work with clients alone or to collaborate with others, such as certification and accreditation companies.

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