Design Services

The design stage of a project is that crucial bridge between the initial ideas forming the project and the completed construction of the project. Design takes many forms:

  • Conceptual design comprises the first ideas for project layout and infrastructure taking into account topography and natural resources.
  • Preliminary design comprises schematic layouts and general arrangement drawings underpinned by basic calculations and are required for feasibility studies to define the project and for compiling bills of quantities for cost estimating purposes.
  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED) comprises a set of dimensioned plans and sections underpinned by comprehensive calculations and specifications that are used for tender documents. Sufficient detail is required to define and quantify the project components and structures.
  • Detailed Design comprises the working drawings that contractors require for material lists and for site construction. These include setting out and dimensioned drawings for earthworks, reinforced concrete, structural steelwork, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and buildings and includes bar bending schedules and materials specifications.

Booker Tate produces conceptual, preliminary and agricultural FEED designs in-house. Detailed design is either outsourced or undertaken by a turnkey contractor but still supervised by Booker Tate.

The bills of quantities, specifications, materials lists and equipment schedules that are required for compiling tender documents are undertaken in-house by Booker Tate.

A combination of proprietary and in-house software is used for design calculations.

Booker Tate experience

Booker Tate has provided design services for greenfield, expansion, and rehabilitation projects for clients throughout the world. Examples include large-scale projects such as Finchaa in Ethiopia, Simunye in Eswatini and Ramu in Papua New Guinea, but also smaller-scale projects such as CDB loan pump station rehabilitation in Guyana, ash pond recycling in Indonesia, river abstraction in Papua New Guinea, factory wastewater recycling in Zambia, electrification of mills in Belize and replacement of filters in Saudi Arabia.

Booker Tate has specialists in the disciplines of civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, irrigation, drainage and agricultural engineering and can undertake a wide range of design services for agri-industrial projects.

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