Agricultural R&D

Booker Tate has extensive experience in the design, support and execution of Research and Development (R&D) programmes on sugarcane and other crops.

We design appropriate R&D programmes, identifying priority areas, defining objectives, establishing methodologies, writing protocols and disseminating findings in the context of commercial crop production.

We work closely with our clients’ agriculture and agronomy staff to build their own R&D capacity which we are then able to support and guide.

We maintain close ties with industry R&D bodies and are thus able to uphold the relevance of the client’s R&D programmes and advise on pertinent advances in crop science or production technology.

We contribute to scientific journals, reference books, conferences and we publish the findings of our own R&D activities either independently or in association with clients or other co-researchers as appropriate.

Booker Tate experience in Agricultural R&D

Booker Tate has global capability and experience in a wide range of R&D areas, some examples of which follow:

  • Development of chemical ripening norms in Guyana and Indonesia to improve crop rendement.
  • Development of integrated pest management practices to achieve sustainable control of pest and disease challenges in Papua New Guinea.
  • Establishment of variety evaluation and selection programmes on new and existing projects. This activity often goes hand-in-hand with the development and management of seedcane nurseries.
  • Selection of appropriate fallow crops to integrate with the sugarcane cultivation cycle to enhance soil health and production level.
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