Field Engineering

In agriculture, field optimisation plays an important role in maximising crop yields and minimising costs of production. Sustainable crop production requires fields to be engineered to meet the above goals. Components of field engineering that need to be optimised include:

  • Land forming for irrigation and drainage.
  • Surface and sub-surface drainage.
  • Field layouts.
  • Land preparation and planting.
  • Harvesting.

Field optimisation requires matching site specific conditions with suitable practices, machinery, and technology.

The demand for new agricultural land is always increasing with growing populations and as most of the existing projects have been sited on prime agricultural land, nearly all new projects are proposed on more challenging land.

These sites require greater inputs from field engineering experts to mitigate the impacts of the challenging conditions. Typically this focus would be on drainage engineering, flood protection engineering and irrigation engineering. Therefore, for new projects to be sustainable, a strong technical partner is required.

Booker Tate experience

Booker Tate has international experience in engineering fields to match local conditions, overcome site specific challenges, and in maximising crop production in a sustainable manner. This experience includes land forming design and execution for irrigation and drainage (eg brownfield project Suriname, yield improvement project Sudan, and greenfield project Nigeria), drainage design and rehabilitation (worldwide), implementing GPS auto-steer systems to support controlled traffic farming (eg greenfield project Peru), precision planting of sugarcane with bed profiles that minimise harvesting losses (eg greenfield project Peru), and evaluating sugarcane production operations (worldwide).

Booker Tate’s team of Field Engineering and Irrigation specialists have practical experience with designing, managing, and optimising the full range of crop management practices that form an integral part of a sustainable crop production. Through the application of suitable techniques and technology the Booker Tate team have the capability to analyse and determine best management practices in order to overcome the challenges encountered on your project.

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